I am …

a data analyst, visualization specialist, data strategy leader, and Tableau expert. In my past roles, I have worked as a researcher and technical consultant alongside exceptionally smart and talented people to improve socioeconomic and safety outcomes of Chicago residents using public sector data and working with policymakers at all levels of government. While my career goals have expanded to support a variety of industries in their use of data to drive value and make better informed decisions, I will always seek out opportunities to work within the public sector to improve the lives and well-being of residents, especially those most disproportionately impacted within our society.

In my personal life, I have a wonderful partner and when I am not home cooking for her and paying attention to our two cats, we are boarding the next plane to ‘somewhere’. I am a culinary curious home chef and love cooking new recipes or old favorites and posting them to my Instagram @kevin_cooks_chitown. Aside from cooking, I am a coffee enthusiast, an avid gamer, and a sci-fi junkie.

… always thinking about my next destination